We have all heard it before that you need to get adequate sleep every night so that you can function properly through the day. 

But did you know that your terrible sleep patterns could be a major factor in your weight loss struggle?

Poor sleep has a major impact on the hormones Ghrelin and Leptin. They both help control your appetite. The hormones could also be the cause of unwanted cravings and a larger number on the scales.

Poor sleep can also decrease your resting metabolism rate (that is the amount of calories you burn when you're at rest). 

A lack of sleep can be detrimental to exercise motivation and performance, making it harder to keep up a exercise regime.

Try adopting a consistent and regular sleeping pattern, as it will help you in achieving your weight loss goal. 

A way you can do this by turning off the tv and setting down your phone an hour before bedtime. The blue light these screens amit can lead to restless sleep.

Another way is with the help all-natural sleeping aids like melatonin or various teas. (Just remember to not create a reliance on these products.)

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March 10, 2021 — Dr. Jason Olafsson