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Medical Weight Loss Programs

Merging the best of nutrition, 1-on-1 coaching, exercise, supplements, mindset, and medications.

Medical Weight Loss Programs That Amaze

Get off the weight loss rollercoaster.

Science shows that counting calories, depriving yourself, and being a slave to the gym doesn't work.

Our weight loss programs begin with you and your individual needs. We determine which medications, supplements, coaching, and foods would be best for you.

With breakthrough GLP-1 prescriptions (Semaglutide), hormone optimization, doctor grade supplements, 1-on-1 personalized coaching and easy to implement lifestyle changes, its not about willpower anymore. It's about you and your metabolism.

Thats right, no hunger, no cravings, no prepackaged food, you can indulge in what you love and still lose weight.

Let us help you address the underlying causes of weight gain and weight retention allowing you to reset your metabolism, shift your weight set point, and get the results that you crave!

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What People are saying about Custom Health Centers
What People are saying about Custom Health Centers
I lost 35 lbs in only 40 days! Now I don't snore anymore and I have tons of energy. Thank you Custom Health Centers!
— Lee
What People are saying about Custom Health Centers
What I love most about Custom Health Centers is all of the support and encouragement from my coach!
— Julie
What People are saying about Custom Health Centers
I couldn't believe how easy this program is. I lost the weight that I have been trying to lose for years!
— John

Virtual Weight Loss Program giving You The Tools To Succeed

Why Custom Health Centers Medical Weight Loss Programs

Since 2016 Custom Health Centers has had the opportunity to help over 20,000 people hit their weight loss goals and change their health.

Custom Health Centers Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Nabity, MD, combines the best in natural weight loss with the best in medical weight loss to give a program specifically optimized for each and every person.

Best of all, we do this virtually. Allowing us to give each patient better care with virtual appointments. That means you can do our programs and meet with our medical staff from anywhere without a drive and within the privacy of your own home.

Virtual also means that we can pass on the savings of not having the cost of offices. The bottom line is...better care and lower costs!

Jason Lost Over 80 lbs in 7 months

Jason's life totally transformed after coming to Custom Health Centers. After completing our Custom Health Centers Metabolic Breatkthrough Program, he lost over 80 lbs! Even Better than that, he has regained his energy, his health, and confidence.

GLP-1 Medication, 1-On-1 Coaching, and Personalized Supplements


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