To maintain the potency of our products, store them in a cool, dry location that is away from direct sunlight.

What should I do if any of my product containers have arrived opened, damaged, or with the seal broken?

If your product is damaged in any way, please do not use it and contact customer service at 844-789-8446 for a resolution.

Will the heat or cold during shipping harm your products?

During shipping, temperature fluctuations should not harm the product.

Is it possible to open capsules and add them to liquid?

It’s perfectly fine to open a capsule and take our products in their powdered form. If opened, they will not taste good and will not completely dissolve in liquid.

Will radiation (scanning during transit/crossing borders) have an impact on your products? 

While we understand your concern regarding the safety of your goods while in transit, we cannot provide you with a certain answer because we do not know what radiation or other inspection methods it may be exposed to during this time.

I unintentionally submitted the order form several times and was charged for numerous purchases. Could I have my extra orders reimbursed?

Absolutely, please contact us at 844-789-8446 or email us at hello@customhealthcenters.com and we'll take care of it right away. Please enter your complete name and the email address you used when you made your purchase so we can locate your order. Thank you!

What is Custom Health Centers 30 Day Refund Policy?

We are confident that you will be pleased with your Custom Health Centers' high-quality vitamins. If you do not like your order for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date and receive a full refund. (SUPPLEMENTS ONLY)

What is the amount of each component in the proprietary blend per serving?

Due to trade secrets, we do not give individual quantities of components in our proprietary blends except as indicated on the label.

Is there anything more in your products that isn't mentioned on the label?

No. All ingredients are listed on the label.

How are your products tested?

We conduct rigorous microbiology, heavy metal, pesticide, and common allergen testing on our goods. Our products are verified to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, molds, e-Coli, salmonella and other environmental pollutants and we are confident that those findings meet or exceed the FDA's requirements.

What precautions do you take to ensure that cross-contamination of allergens is avoided?

When it comes to preventing cross-contamination, our manufacturing plant has strict rules in place. To minimize cross-contamination, we have established effective segregation and sanitation methods. 

Is your manufacturing facility GMP Certified?

Yes, our manufacturing plant is GMP certified by the FDA.(SUPPLEMENTS ONLY)

Where are your products made?

All our supplements are manufactured in the USA, in an FDA registered, GMP-certified facility, while medications are made in the USA, in an FDA and DEA registered 503A pharmacy.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We try to obtain components from high-quality sources in the United States and across the world. (SUPPLEMENTS ONLY)

My shipment was misplaced or stolen. What do I do?

Custom Health Centers is not responsible for packages that are lost or stolen, since the tracking link indicates that the package has been delivered. We will, however, reship orders that have failed to arrive according to tracking. 

What happens if my package is delivered damaged?

Custom Health Centers will be happy to re-ship to customers whose packages arrived damaged. Please document the damage upon arrival using a smartphone, or camera, then send a message to hello@customhealthcenters.com detailing what happened or call us at 844-789-8446

I submitted an incorrect shipping address by mistake. What should I do now?

Please be advised that Custom Health Centers is not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses. It is the responsibility of the customer to double-check their address before placing an order with us. If you contact us at 844-789-8446 we will do everything we can to change the address once the order has been placed but please know that once the order has been shipped, there is nothing that we can do to change it. Please make certain that your address and phone number are accurate before placing an order.

I placed my order but have not received a confirmation email with information about my purchase and a tracking number. Can you help?

Our system normally sends a confirmation email automatically right after the purchase is completed. Here are a few potential reasons that this happened:

-If you use Gmail, the email could have landed in your ‘Promotions' folder.

-The email somehow landed in your Junk or Spam folder.

-You may have placed your order through PayPal. If your PayPal account is linked to a different email address, it's likely to be found there.

-If you are still unable to find your confirmation email, please call 844-789-8446 or email us at hello@customhealthcenters.com and we will assist you!

How quickly will my order get to me after it is shipped?

Domestic shipping times vary from 6 to 12* business days, depending on the distance. International shipments arrive in 2-4* weeks, depending on the destination country. Please note that this is for the ship date, not the order date. For international orders, customs clearance time is not included. *These are only estimates and may vary depending on a variety of circumstances and only supplements are able to ship international, NOT medications.

How quickly will my order ship?

Orders for our supplements are generally processed and shipped in a few hours after purchase, while medications take 6 to 12 business days to compound and ship. This period may be extended during periods of higher traffic, such as the introduction of a new product or during big sales such as "Black Friday".

How much do you charge for shipping?

Custom Health Centers offers FREE shipping on all orders for the United States! International Order Shipping fees vary by product and quantity. Please review your cart before submitting your order for accurate shipping costs.

How can you get in touch with Custom Health Centers?

Your questions are important to us. Simply send us any questions and/or inquiries you may have using our contact form or give us a ring at 1-844-789-8446. You can also email us directly at hello@customhealthcenters.com.

Do you have any trial sizes available?

We do not have trial sizes of any Custom Health Centers goods for sale. We appreciate your interest in our supplements, but we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of them. Our clients are free to try any of our products and receive a refund if they are not entirely satisfied. You may view our complete refund policy here.

Are the testimonials from real people?

Actual consumers' testimonials are included on this site. They're the stories of people who've used our goods in some way or another, and they're real-life experiences of individuals who have utilized them. However, they are unique outcomes that may differ. Additionally, all of the testimonials on our website should not be taken as claims that these products could be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.

Are your claims FDA-approved? 

The Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed our claims. Our products and information are not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Our goods aren't for those who are ill. Use as directed only. Before beginning any prescription medicine, consult your doctor. Before providing items to youngsters under the age of 18 years, see your pediatrician first.

Who is recommended to take your products?

Our products are intended to be consumed by individuals over the age of 18. You should always get your doctor's advice before starting any new supplement. We cannot diagnose, treat, or offer advice regarding your health or specific usage of our supplements. If you have concerns about the use of our products, please consult with a medical expert.

Do your products have any adverse effects or contraindications that you're aware of?

Our products are all tested to ensure that they satisfy or exceed rigorous safety regulations, however, each person's health needs may differ. You should always get approval from your doctor before trying any new dietary supplement.

Is it safe to take several Custom Health Centers tablets at the same time?

Custom Health Centers researches and develops a broad range of nutritional supplements to assist people in accomplishing a wide range of health goals. Some of our products are meant to be used together as a system. Others were created with a more focused health objective in mind. Although most people should be able to consume all of our nutrients together, it is usually a good idea to get input from your primary care provider regarding your own specific health concerns and issues.

What is the average time it takes to notice results from your products?

Many individuals have experienced great changes in a few weeks of utilizing our products, however, results will vary. You should always get permission from your doctor before using any new nutritional supplement.

What is your refund policy on your medical weight loss program?

Once a prescription has been ordered there are no refunds of any kind on our medical weight loss program. If there is any reason that you are not eligible for the program due to something specific uncovered during the virtual medical history and evaluation, a 100% refund will be issued.