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What Is My Body Composition Analysis?

Have you ever stepped on a scale after a week of sacrificing sweets only to find out you haven't lost a single pound?! Did you know that you may have loss fat but you've been discouraged and given up because your scale is only looking at one type of weight?

Using the latest science and technology  Custom Health Centers is able to analyze important things about your body like fat percentage or mass, water percentage, and metabolic age. These go beyond pounds and becomes our road map to weight loss.

At the end of your consultation, you'll receive a report, like the one to the above, which will give you a detailed summary of your body. This will help us to customize a weight loss program for you and access along the way which methods are successful and which we should tweak. When you're looking at more than just pounds we are able to achieve more.

Hear From Our Founder, Dr. Jason Olafsson!

Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Olafsson (DC), founder of the Custom Weight Loss Program. What if I told you that exercising more and cutting calories can PREVENT you from losing weight? Sounds ridiculous right? Well, if you’ve tried the traditional diet and exercise programs, but didn’t get the results they promised, don’t you think something else is going on? While helping thousands of people lose weight, we’ve discovered core health problems that prevent weight loss. And until you address them, it’s almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off.
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