I totally love this time of year....

The grill is out, the kids can run around and play outside... and road trips.

The up north road trip is a right of passage for us Michiganders. And with the exception of Labor Day, Memorial Day weekend is the pinnacle weekend getaway trip.

It can be tempting to undermine healthy eating for convenience when you hit the road to go up north, but it’s vitally important to resist the urge. The real danger is being unprepared for the onslaught of bad food choices on the road.

After you’ve passed 47 McDonald’s, 29 Burger King’s and 38 Taco Bell’s the best intentions can start to fall apart when hunger hits. The only way to keep yourself from falling down the fast food rabbit hole is to plan your meals in advance and pack some snacks to keep you feeling satisfied.

So let’s look at how to kick-off your trip with confidence following these tips and menu ideas for your weekend away. Make a game out of it.

We love our kids, but even the best-behaved children can have trouble sitting for multiple hours on a trip up north.
Keep your kids excited and empowered by making a big deal about packing for the trip. Give them different options, or a pre-approved “menu” they can pick from. Then, go to the store and have them pick out what they’re going to have on the trip from the menu you created.

You’ll keep them happy and excited all while getting an extra hand in the grocery store!

Build a snack and lunch basket.

This tip goes back to prepping and preparing. Tupperware is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping up with a healthy diet. When you know what you have and what you’re options are, you’re much less likely to stop at the drive-thru.
Put together a funky basket that you and the kids can grab from with ease and be on your way to a full stomach without breaking a sweat.

If you have to stop, know your options!

Okay. We get it. Things happen.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, all the planning doesn’t work out how you wanted and you’re faced with the need to improvise.

A couple weeks back we talked about making the BEST choice and so every place you stop has the BEST choice for you and your family on the road. Getting acquainted with some of the healthier options at popular fast food chains can empower you and keep you from getting off-track.

The real tip is to stop at a grocery store. It might cost a little more, and it will definitely add a few minutes to the trip but there are unlimited options to make the healthy, right choice. Plus, a lot of gas stations are in front of or connected to grocery stores and we can use the stop to fill up and go to the bathroom as well.

Water, water, water!

This is a controversial tip for family road trips, as the sweet ringing chorus of children’s voices saying, “I have to go to the bathroom!” is not ideal for relaxation. But, hydration is so important in all aspects of health that we couldn’t leave it off the list.
We suggest baking extra time into your trip to account for frequent breaks. It might take a little longer, but your overall mood will thank you for it!


Seriously. A little indulgence can go a long way. Look for sugarless treats or find health recipe alternatives for your favorite indulgences.

Remember, this is a vacation. You’re allowed to have a little fun!

BONUS: Menu options!

You can find so many awesome menu options from bloggers, health sites, and food forums. Some of our favorites are below:

• Beef jerky with no sugar (Try: Keto Carne Beef Jerky)
• Guacamole packets or cups (Try: Wholly Guacamole)
• Macadamia nuts
• Baby carrots
• Sliced cucumbers
• Celery
• High-quality sliced turkey (Try: Boar’s Head)
• Almonds
• Apple slices
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Almond butter
• Kale chips made with ghee or coconut oil

The most important thing? Have fun! Look for unique combinations alongside some old favorites. Just remember for anything you buy or don’t prepare yourself, look for hidden sugars or less than ideal ingredients that could kick your body out of ketosis and into a bad mood.

So as you’re planning for your first road trip of the season.

Plan ahead and stay on target for the best possible summer

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Medically reviewed and written by:

Dr. Jason Olafsson D.C.

Founder & CEO
Doctor of Chiropractic
Life University

February 13, 2021 — Dr. Jason Olafsson