A staggering 61% of Americans have had digestive problems such as reflux, bloating, and gut discomfort.

As we get older, our digestive abilities decrease and common digestion problems arise. The key reason behind this is that enzymes in the body become less efficient with age. There are many factors at play including diet choices that contribute to how well your body produces these enzymes; however, it seems as though a big factor surrounding enzyme production involves aging itself.

For example, rather than choosing raw foods that are typically packaged with enzymes for digestion, most people choose to eat cooked and processed food. This has the negative effect of destroying naturally occurring digestive enzymes in food or removing any enzyme potential from gas-ripened and irradiated products.

There are multiple factors that can impact your digestive enzyme production. For example, age and diet play a role in whether you're getting enough nutrients needed for enzymes to work properly. Lifestyle issues like stress or periodic illness could also decrease the efficiency of digestion over time as well

Digestive enzymes are an essential key in the digestive process because they break down your food into smaller, more readily available pieces. Digestive enzymes help us absorb essential nutrients our bodies need for energy and growth. This is why it’s so important to have a readily available supply of high-quality, broad-spectrum enzymes with each meal!

To understand what digestive enzymes do for you, let's talk about how they function. In short, the enzyme is responsible for breaking down fats, carbohydrates into smaller molecules our bodies can absorb so that we can make energy from them. Essentially, digestive enzymes unlock a food’s potential and make that food’s energy available to the body.

Aging can have a devastating effect on the digestive system, according to research on enzymes; they are critical for the complete digestion of our food and if we are looking at the big picture, enzymes are critical for vibrant health. In that research, it is found that as we age, our bodies produce fewer digestive enzymes - which directly correlates with poor health due to decreased intake of nutrients by food-enzyme molecules released upon chewing or other digestive processes.

Most Digestive Enzyme Products On The Market Don’t Cover All Of The Bases.

There are multitudes of different enzymes in almost every cell in our body that support homeostasis (balance). Without these biological enzymes being produced, we wouldn't be alive! Every cell has a specific function and requires the right amount and relies on numerous enzymes to make sure that it's performing properly.

All over the body enzymes are specific. In the digestive process, there are enzymes that break down carbohydrates called carbohydrases or amylases, enzymes called proteases that break down proteins, and enzymes called lipases that break down fats. A protein-digesting enzyme cannot break down fat; a lipase cannot digest starch, and a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme can't break any other type of food. If you don't have enough of each specific digestive enzyme, you cannot break down your food correctly. Most people eat foods that contain a mixture of carbs, fats, and proteins so broad-spectrum digestive supplements help in the digestive process by providing a wide range of enzymes to aid to break down a variety of foods.

When you are choosing a digestive enzyme supplement, what's best for you depends on your needs. For most people who want general support, a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement that contains many different enzymes is usually ideal because a formulation like that will help better digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

When we eat food, it is typically a variety of fats, carbs, and proteins. As your body gets older though, its production of enzymes declines due to several factors, including your age, diet, and your lifestyle. This can lead to less-than-optimal nutrient absorption and digestion which in turn leads to problems such as lower energy levels and digestive issues such as bloating. Broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplements that contain a wide variety of enzymes support better overall health by promoting the proper breakdown of nutrients for more efficient use throughout the body.  Another added benefit of taking a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme, like Digest, is that it may provide substantial cost savings over having to purchase multiple specific enzyme supplements!

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