Inflammation + Weight Loss

Inflammation in your body can have drastic effects on your ability to lose weight….even for those who follow strict diet plans. 

The problem is as your weight gains overtime, inflammation has grown alongside it.

Inflammation can make your body insulin resistant, because it has negative effects on the way insulin functions in your body.

How does this insulin affect your weight?

Insulin resistance raises glucose levels and the amount of fat your body is storing. 

It doesn't matter if you're a little or a lot overweight, there is a good chance you have some inflammation in your body. 

So finding ways to help reduce inflammation is important for anyone's health.

Some easy was to reduce inflammation are to reduce your dairy intake, skip processed foods and refined sugars, and adopt a regular consistent sleep schedule. 

This will set you on the path to reducing inflammation in your body. 

If you think you're someone who would benefit from a weight loss coach. At custom health centres we believe we may have the answer for you 


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