We’re all guilty of starting something and not finishing. But when it comes to your health, this shouldn’t be the case.

Outside pressures can become overwhelming. Or maybe we make up excuses, like we aren’t ready to lose weight. Whatever the reason, people find this part of dieting to be especially hard.

You’re not destined to fail. Even if you’ve started and stopped a million times, you can still reach your weight loss goals. 

By making note of important skills to implement, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated, stick to your weight loss plan, and reach your desired weight.

Below are the top five ways you can stay motivated in your journey:

1. Create goals and track your progress

Whether you use an app, a spreadsheet, or jot down your progress in a notebook, checking it routinely will help you stay motivated. You can track your weight, measurements, body mass index, or even your mindset -- it’s all up to you. When you look back on all the progress you made, you’ll be better equipped to stay the course in the future.
2. Tackle motivational issues and emotional eating

For long-term weight loss success, you’ll have to get to the core of what got you in your undesired state in the first place. Ask yourself these questions: Do you overeat when you’re upset? Do you splurge on sweets when you’re feeling sad or stressed? 

Being honest with yourself is the only way to get to the root of your triggers. If you don’t face them, you may have trouble feeling like you’re in control of your weight. Track your feelings in your weight loss journal when it comes time to eat, then take time every now and then to review the journal and look for patterns that you can address.

3. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself without food is one of the best ways to stay motivated in your journey. For some, a reward may be fishing, a new book, or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Everyone’s rewards look different -- find what you look forward to and what can keep you on track, and let yourself indulge when you’ve accomplished a milestone!

4. Prepare for diet disruptors

No matter your age, there’s always friends, family members, or coworkers who encourage you to go off course “just this one time.” Just this once isn’t a problem until it keeps happening every week. If there’s a correlation to eating unhealthy when you see a certain someone, you may need to distance yourself or have a talk with them about your weight loss efforts.  

Peer pressure is constant no matter your walk of life, and it doesn’t pick sides when it comes to gender. (In fact, men are often pressured to eat larger, “manly” sizes of food!) Make sure to plan activities with loved ones that don’t always revolve around food, and build up the mental strength to resist overeating during festivities. 

5. Get a health coach

Ultimately, if you struggle with being consistent when it comes to weight loss and feel stuck, a weight loss coach is an excellent choice to accelerate your success and ensure you lose weight. Health coaches provide you with the accountability, fitness and nutrition knowledge, and support that makes your journey so much easier, with better results. 

If you want proven guidance, support, and accountability, then schedule your free one-on-one virtual consultation with a Ketality health coach. We’ll provide you with the accountability that you deserve.

March 11, 2021 — Dr. Jason Olafsson