Are you one of the lucky people who find it easy to lose weight and maintain it? Well, then this email is probably not for you. 

But if you constantly struggle with yo-yo dieting and feeling frustrated because the number on your bathroom scale never changes, then we’re here to help you.

We know that the secret is to remain motivated so you can reach your weight loss goal.

But how can one do that alone?

"Most people put all their effort into finding the right diet or exercise program but don't put any energy into creating a support and accountability system, and too often, that's where the devil lies," says Adam Shafran, DC, an exercise physiologist and chiropractor who is the author of You Can't Lose Weight Alone: The Partner Power Weight Loss Program.

Now let’s talk about how to create an accountability system.

Try these top 3 tips to help with weight loss accountability: 

1. Guess what? There's an app that helps with accountability.

    We live in a golden age of technology where there is more information that you know what to do with. Luckily, at Custom Health Centers we created an app that will help track your food intakes and daily exercise, as well as give you easy access to your weight loss coach. Together, our coaches will help create the perfect plan for you.  

    2. Find someone who wants to achieve the same goals as you.

      Finding the right accountability partner can improve your weight loss results by over 50%. You can both offer support and motivation for each other. Remember, they’re wanting to achieve the same goal, they know how hard it can be and will walk through the hard times with you. 

      3. Set small goals that eventually add up to the bigger picture. 

      One mistake a lot of people make is trying to achieve too much too quickly, set small realistic goals, so you stay motivated and maintain the weight that you have lost. This will help keep you accountable as you crush each goal.

      As helpful as weight loss tips can be, if you are someone that needs the accountability of a weight loss coach, check out our new online weight loss program. At Custom Health Centers we designed a plan that is not only going to help you lose weight, but SUSTAIN that weight loss.

      If you want more help on how to lose weight and start making your health a priority...

      Take ACTION today.

      And the best part is, I'm giving you a chance to get started with a FREE consultation with a health coach.


      March 11, 2021 — Dr. Jason Olafsson