Let’s be honest: Daily exercise is probably not the top priority that comes to mind when considering the past few months of self isolation and remaining distant from the general public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it’s crucial that we keep our bodies healthy and moving. Even if it’s just a 20-minute walk a day, it still makes a difference. 

If you need additional motivation and some helpful guidance on how to get started with setting up a daily exercise routine, then these five physical activity tips are for you:

  • TIP #1: Don’t stop moving, and keep it going!

Unfortunately, there may be a lack of motivation to accomplish regular household tasks or to get your body moving while staying home all day. The biggest challenge of productivity is staying mindful of your time and energy. Multi-tasking is a common solution to remaining organized and efficient!

For example: if you decide to sit down and watch a few episodes of your favorite TV show, then try to do something between commercial breaks (like laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.) to remain active.

  • TIP #2: Stand up!

The act of standing is an easily unnoted exercise that we subconsciously neglect to practice, and it  can lead to a variety of health issues. It’s harmful to be in a sitting or laying down position for an extended period of time, and it can cause major health issues. Implement practices to reduce your sedentary time and be proactive in physically engaging your body whenever possible. Also, be sure to prioritize stimulating activities (like puzzles, crosswords, reading, etc.) over utilizing technology or other electronics during your leisure time.

If you’re working at home, consider purchasing a standing desk or setting up your own by using a high table and stackable materials to achieve the correct posture according to height.

  • TIP #3: Follow online exercise videos and virtual classes

Home workouts are a safe alternative if you are more susceptible to the virus and are at a higher risk of being infected than others. Due to the closures of gyms and other fitness facilities, there have been an influx of exercise videos with free subscriptions offered online that have a range of difficulty levels. Instructors guide you through a virtual workout with descriptive exercises that engage all muscle groups in the body. Check out workouts on Youtube, Facebook, and even Instagram! When in doubt, a quick Google search should find you a suitable (and free!) online workout. 

If you don’t have the experience performing these exercises or may have a health condition that would prevent you from doing so, be cautious and aware of your own limitations. 

  • TIP #4: Get moving outside!

The recommended amount of physical activity is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity training per week. Home workouts are very convenient, but if you are able to get outside—then GO, weather permitting! The phrase “fresh air and sunshine” is surprisingly a simple remedy to many of our worries and stressors.

Explore your local area by going on fast-paced walks, riding a bicycle with a group of friends, or going hiking in a forest. If you do decide to exercise outdoors, then be sure to maintain a 6-foot distance from others and take necessary precautions when around a larger group of people.

  • TIP #5: Relax the body

The uncertainty in these constantly changing times can produce additional stress and be harmful to our physical health. Life is about balance. When you are active the majority of the time and don’t allow your body to properly rest, then the muscles tend to incorrectly heal after a strenuous workout and remain sore the following days. Meditation, stretching, and deep-breathing exercises are not only beneficial for the physical self, but provide clarity for your mental health as well.

Although it may appear to be a daunting task at times, incorporating physical activities into a daily routine can help boost the immune system to defend itself against COVID-19 infections, along with maintaining an overall higher quality of life. Plus, routines get easier over time!

If you are looking for professional guidance on how to get started with your fitness, health, and lifestyle journey, then schedule a FREE virtual consultation with a Ketality health coach to help build a daily routine that makes sense for you.

March 11, 2021 — Dr. Jason Olafsson