Lipo-B -10ml




Sterile Glutathione solution dosed at 200 mg/ml: Glutathione slowly deteriorates at higher temperatures (0.5–2% daily when stored above 10’C) due to its nature.

We've been able to stabilise the solution to lower this figure even further (0.1%–1% degradation per day when stored above 15°C), but in order to compensate for potential losses during transportation, we've nevertheless dosed the solution at 220-240 mg/ml. Remember this while placing your summertime order! Our shipping partners are often very quick! However, in order to stop any further degradation, we advise clients to have parcels delivered to parcel stores or to make sure they are at home!

After slowly reconstituting, store in the refrigerator (between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius).


  • Storage: 4 - 8 'C (store in fridge), keep out of direct sunlight
  • Liquid base: Bacteriostatic water (0.9% Benzyl Alcohol) with 50mg/ml added taurine
  • Dosage: 1000 mg / when diluted 100 mg/ml
  • Product set size: 1 vial of Glutathione powder, 1 vial of Bac-water with added Taurine