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Boosting Your Immune System Against COVID-19 & Other Viruses

By Dr. Jason Olafsson | March 17, 2020

With all the news coverage of the development of the COVID-19 virus, we at Custom Health Centers thought it would be beneficial rather than spreading fear, to spread useful tips for boosting your and your family’s immune systems not only for the coronavirus but throughout this flu season. First, let’s look at what causes weak…

The Ketogenic Diet: An Newcomer’s Manual to Keto

By Dr. Jason Olafsson | January 2, 2020

The ketogenic diet (also known as, the keto diet) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health and weight loss benefits. In fact, many scientific studies have shown that this type of diet can help you lose weight and improve your health (1). Keto diets have even shown in studies to aid against diabetes,…

5 Reasons Why High Cholesterol Eggs Fight Your High Cholesterol

By Dr. Jason Olafsson | November 3, 2019

If you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you’ve probably been told to reduce your fat intake, especially watching your cholesterol. But, new research is showing that’s not the best way to lower the cholesterol in your body. In fact, exercise and eating more vegetables is much better; a solution at which the coaches at Custom…

The Impossible Over-Processed Foods

By Dr. Jason Olafsson | October 27, 2019

Food is food? Right? Well, it’s the quality that matters. As they say, junk in equals junk out. Today, all types of impossible foods exist because of processing. We can turn one food into another, completely unrelated food. Vegan cheeses and meats are one kind of impossible food that’s come into existence because of processing.…

Atkins Diet – The Pioneer of Low-Carb

By Dr. Jason Olafsson | October 20, 2019

Low-carb diets are nothing new, but The Atkins Diet made it famous. They helped pioneer some of the research into a ketogenic diet and helped us figure out why low carb works to help people lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, and feel better. For most people, it works well. But, for some people, low carb…

Weight Loss Apps Vs. Coaching

By Dr. Jason Olafsson | October 13, 2019

If you played any games online recently, you saw all sorts of apps for exercising, yoga, and losing weight. But, are weight loss apps worth it? Do we really do better using our phone for support rather than a coach? Benefits of Using Apps For sure, there are many benefits to using apps to help…