Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Custom Health Centers Weight Loss Plans

How Much Does Custom Health Centers Weight Loss Plans Cost? Is There Financing Available?

At Custom Health Centers we believe that you didn't pay to gain all your weight at once, so why pay to lose it at once? Get started today for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee a day. We offer a range of financing options including 0% interest rates and guaranteed credit approval. For more information on our costs, schedule a free consultation and one of our health coaches will go over your payment and financing options.

What Type Of Insurance Do You Accept For Your Weight Loss Plans?

While we do not currently accept insurance for weight loss programs, most employer Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts will cover the program.  The office you visit will issue you a letter to submit to your HSA/FSA for reimbursement or approved coverage.

Are There Drugs, Shots, or Perscriptions on Your Weight Loss Plans?

There are not any drugs or prescriptions.  Everything is natural.  Recommended supplements are all food and plant-based and contain the highest quality ingredients.

What Will I Eat On My Weight Loss Plan?

You will receive a recommended food list that is designed to help you burn fat. Foods can be purchased at the grocery store! You are not required to buy any special bars or meal replacements that are often seen in other weight loss programs. We are working to help you develop a long list of foods that help you burn fat and in the future, help you maintain your weight loss.

What If I Am a Picky Eater or Have Dietary Restrictions?

There are very long lists of foods that we recommend! Our staff will work with you to find foods that work for you during weight loss and your new lifestyle

What Is Health Coaching at Custom Health Centers?

You will have 1 on 1 time with a health coach who will help you modify and customize your plan throughout your program. Their goal is to help you achieve the best possible results. Coaching includes modifying your nutrition and nutrient plans, helping you set and celebrate short and long-term goals, recommending specific exercises to support your fat burning, helping you break through plateaus and encouraging you throughout your journey!

What If I Have A Sugar Addiction?

This is not unusual!  We have helped thousands kick sugar from their diet.  We will educate you on what ingredients are cause for concern and offer alternatives to some of those foods you may have struggled with in the past.  Being healthy does not mean not enjoying delicious foods!