The Triple Combination Formula That Helps BURN Fat

The Triple Combination Formula That Helps BURN Fat

While diet and exercise help you lose weight, many individuals struggle with “stubborn fat,” otherwise known as subcutaneous fat. This kind of fat is the jiggly fat we see when we look in the mirror. Now before you lose hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! To get rid of this particular fat you need to know a few things. What is subcutaneous fat? What is the science behind it? How do I BURN it?

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Subcutaneous fat is the visible and tangible fat we normally associate with being “fat.” Your diet, lifestyle, and genetics affect the amount of subcutaneous fat you have. Although we often have a negative view of subcutaneous fat, there are some benefits. It’s the way our body stores energy and helps regulate temperature. It even functions as a protective barrier for our muscles and bones! But like anything, too much of it can have negative effects. For example, it may increase your chances of fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. To determine if you have too much subcutaneous fat, measuring your body mass index is a great indicator!

The Science Behind Subcutaneous Fat

There are 3 components we need to focus on - Triglyceride, thermogenesis, and lipolysis. Each plays an important role in how subcutaneous fat operates and how to BURN it.

Triglyceride (Stored Energy)

As mentioned before, the body stores excess energy in subcutaneous fat. This is known as triglyceride or stored fat. However, it cannot be easily converted into usable energy. This is what makes it so stubborn. In order to break down this stored energy, a few metabolic processes must take place.

Thermogenesis (Heat Production)

The first is thermogenesis and it is the production of heat within the body during the metabolic process, or burning of calories. Some individuals may have a faster metabolism than others which will determine whether the calories will be stored as fat, or burned for energy. This leads to lipolysis.

Lipolysis (Break Down)

Lipolysis is the breaking down of triglyceride (stored fat) in order to become energy. During this process, two components are achieved, glycerol and fatty acids. The fatty acids are then transported to a target cell where a substance called, carnitine, transfers these fatty acids within the cell to burn as energy fuel. This is the process of fat burning!

How do I burn my subcutaneous fat?

Diet and exercise are key to begin the burning process of subcutaneous fat. No questions asked! Without it, you cannot achieve the weight loss you want. When looking for an all-natural weight loss supplement, it is important to find a product that includes ingredients that target increased energy, thermogenesis, and lipolysis. Check out these ingredients and their uses below!

Energy and Focus Blends - Ingredients such as caffeine and L-tyrosine (an amino acid), which both help with energy and alertness. This blend helps promote the metabolizing of fat, and the release of fatty acids to be burned and used for energy.

Thermogenesis Blends - The main ingredients to look out for are Green Tea Extract and Raspberry Ketones. The two promote appetite suppression, weight loss and assist in the breakdown of fat to burn at a faster rate.

Lipogenic Blends - Supplements containing Kola Nut and L-Carnitine. Remember carnitine is a naturally occurring substance that is responsible for the transfer of fatty acids within a cell to be burned for energy. This blend aids in increasing metabolism and weight loss.

So make that jiggly and stubborn fat be a thing of the past! Eat healthier, exercise more, and if you're interested in a weight loss supplement be sure to check out our product BURN.

Dr. Jason Olafsson

February 13, 2021 — Dr. Jason Olafsson
4 Supplements to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

4 Supplements to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

Your body needs vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to not only function properly but also burn fat. Unfortunately, between busy schedules and limited food sources, many find it difficult to maintain a well-rounded diet. That’s why our health coaches recommend using the following supplements to prime your body for weight loss.


Top 4 Supplements for Weight Loss

1. Green Tea Extract

Of the 84 billion servings of tea that Americans drank in 2017, 13% were green tea. This drink is favored not just for its taste but also its health benefits—and green tea extract allows you to harness these advantages in capsule form. Green tea extract contains caffeine and is rich in catechins, a type of chemical compound and antioxidant. Together, these ingredients are believed to enhance thermogenesis—the process by which your body burns calories. Green tea extract may also protect against oxidative stress and reduce blood pressure.
Summary: This commonly drank beverage is packed with antioxidants and can help enhance weight loss.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Look around your kitchen—you probably have this supplement on hand already. Apple cider vinegar contains around 5 to 6% acetic acid, a short-chain fatty acid that may promote weight loss in several ways. Namely, it can increase the expression of genes that reduce fat storage and boost fat burning. Studies also suggest that apple cider vinegar promotes satiety, which can decrease calorie intake and trim your waistline.
Summary: This common household item is known to promote weight loss and decrease hunger.

3. Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketones are the natural chemicals that give raspberries their pleasant aroma. Recently, this compound has become a popular weight loss supplement. Its molecular structure is similar to capsaicin, a chemical compound in chili peppers, and synephrine, an alkaloid found in the bitter orange fruit. Studies indicate that these molecules boost metabolism and increase weight loss. Thus, researchers believe raspberry ketones have a similar effect.
Summary: In more recent years, studies have shown the molecular structure of this berry boosts your metabolism and, in turn, your weight loss.

4. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is the antioxidant found in red wine, grapes, and berries. Recent animal studies show that resveratrol supplements may benefit the body in several ways. For example, one analysis found that the nutrient reduced blood pressure. Another found it increased insulin sensitivity, thus preventing complications from diabetes and supporting long-term weight loss.
Summary: This antioxidant found in grapes has shown to reduce blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity.
 While studies suggest these four supplements have a positive effect on weight loss, you should still consult a doctor or health coach before taking them. These professionals can determine whether these nutrients are safe and advantageous, given your unique circumstances. You should also only buy supplements from trusted sources to ensure you get the highest-quality ingredients. Call (844) 789-8446 or fill out our contact page to speak with one of our experienced health coaches. We will be happy to discuss the above supplements as well as develop a weight loss plan, customized to help you reach your optimal health goals. For additional weight loss tips, visit our online health library.

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