Are You Bloated Because of Your Diet?

At some point in our lives, we may have experienced bloating. This is characterized by the uncomfortable, heavy sensation in our stomach, as well as the frequent release of gas, either through burping or persistent farting. Whatever the means the body releases these gasses, the reality is that it would be embarrassing for anyone. If you’re wondering why you feel bloated, or you’re wondering if it’s just because of your diet, then you might as well read on.

Why Does Inflammation Take Place?

The feeling of swelling or inflammation is indeed, a major cause of discomfort among a lot of people. In the case of swelling, it is the body’s mechanism of fighting various infections. There are a lot of underlying causes as to why people swell, with the swelling usually brought about by either retention of excess water, or for stomach bloating, excess gas. The most common reason being a kidney disease. Another probable cause of this would be poor blood circulation, and in some extreme cases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What are Some Causes of Bloating?

Diet is one of the primary factors as to why we may feel bloated. Having said that, the feeling could be directly attributed to the consumption of certain foods, such as those which are already full of gas, such as sodas, as well as fibrous foods, which would cause your body to work harder in digestion.

There are, however, other factors which could cause bloating apart from diet, such as PMS, as this would cause progesterone and estrogen to “team up,” and cause retention of fluids. This fluid retention would eventually lead to a bloated stomach. Another non-diet cause of bloating would have to be minimal physical activity. Having said that, lesser digestive action would be experienced by those who move a lot less.

Apart from the stomach, this could also cause swelling in other parts as well. Apart from this, other non-diet reasons would include getting off a plane, having a minor injury, or in extreme cases, a disease which you might not know about.
What are the Signs and Symptoms?

The first and most obvious symptom of bloating is the occurrence of swelling in various parts of the body, with them appearing relatively larger than the normal size. Bloating of the stomach makes a characteristic deep sound when it is tapped lightly, and swelling in other parts make them firm to the touch. In either case, it could also be accompanied by pain. These symptoms could also be accompanied by other symptoms, such as general body malaise, nausea, fever, and insomnia.

Conventional Treatment

The first stage of the treatment for swelling would be to determine the cause of it. This is the most important stage and has to be done before the intake and administration of certain medications.
Giving of Medication

Tumors and abscesses are root causes of swelling. If this is found to be the underlying cause, then surgery is administered, and in cases where it can’t be operated, radiation or chemotherapy could be given. For swelling due to insect bites, topical steroids, and oral antihistamines could be given. In the case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, medications such as dicyclomine, hyoscyamine, and other antispasmodic medications. Beano, Simethicone, Activated Charcoal, and Lactage Supplements could be given to relieve bloating that’s caused by a buildup of gas.

Natural Treatment

Bloating which is caused by less complex issues, such as consumption of gassy beverages, as well as fibrous and gas-causing foods could be relieved simply by waiting for up to 5 hours, allowing the stomach to fully digest their food, and not eating anything when you’re not hungry at all.

Chew well, and don’t talk to prevent gas from accumulating in your stomach. You can also make use of black pepper, cumin, and ginger, adding them to your dishes or consuming them raw, as well as taking in natural probiotics through supplements. For excess salt, cut down on salty foods as these have a reputation of retaining water. If you like teas, then you could also prepare mint or peppermint tea, as these teas help to relieve digestion.

Natural, topical liniments, specifically those with methyl salicylate and menthol may be applied on the stomach area, and you can take a short walk for half an hour. In bloating or swelling that has been caused by more complex methods, it is best to observe a healthy diet, and stop yourself from doing other things which may aggravate the symptoms.