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Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of The New You.

About Us

Here at Custom Health Centers we believe that health is important--it's why we put it in our name! Our heart is that every person in the metro-Detroit area is able to live in health and abundance. This is why we have put together a comprehensive ketogenic approach to weight loss unlike any other.  We have discovered that it is about more than just cutting calories and hitting the gym. We found that by treating underlying health issues, we put our body in the ultimate fat burning state. Our bodies are complex and require individual custom approaches to weight loss. Custom Health Center's weight loss programs are designed by Dr. Jason with these individual needs in mind.

What if you knew, without a doubt, that you could lose 20, 40, or 75 pounds with a proven, stress-free weight loss program? A program based on the latest research in nutrition customized to your body, your health, and your lifestyle instead of the cheap, gimmicky, diet-of-the-month plans that make you figure everything out on your own…It could change your life, right? Well, get ready to hear about a program unlike any other.

We’ve helped 1,000s of people like you lose weight, take inches off their waist-line, and get long-lasting energy throughout their day. After helping working professionals, stay at home parents, athletes, and as the official weight loss providers for the Professional Football Alumni Association, we guarantee it’ll work for you.

Eddie Murray, retired professional football player in Detroit and Dallas, sums up the the Custom Health Centers approach when he said, “I've always been impressed with Doctor Jason, he doesn't sit on his program or his laurels or what he's doing. He's always trying to fine tune the program.”

“Custom Weight Loss Centers has helped numerous former professional athletes lose weight and get healthy”

Other weight loss programs are telling you what you want to hear. But you won’t see those cookie-cutter programs give you a 1-on-1 coach to guide you to your ideal size and weight like we do. Our highly trained staff is always on your side.

Individual results may vary. Expect to lose 2-3 lbs per week. Please call us at 844-789-8446 for details on our Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of ‘The New You’

No one should feel like being overweight is “who you are.” And everyone deserves to look and feel good about themselves when they walk by a mirror. Or go out in public. Or see themselves in their social media feed and in photos.

And that’s why we’re here. To hear about your goals. To hear how things will be different when you get your life back. And then take control of your future. And we’ll show you how to get there.

But not everyone is a good fit for the Custom Weight Loss Program. Some people aren’t serious about changing their life and they’re looking for a ‘miracle pill.’ They aren’t willing to do anything different. But because you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably one of the serious ones.

So, if you’re ready, and you want a program that’s customized for your busy days, hectic lifestyle, and unique health needs, then today is your day (because the ‘tomorrow excuse’ never comes). *

Individual results may vary. Expect to lose 2-3 lbs per week. Please call us at 844-789-8446 for details on our Satisfaction Guarantee