When Athletes, Doctors, & Health Professionals Want To Lose Weight, This Is What They Do

What if you knew, without a doubt, that you could lose 20, 40, or 75 pounds with a proven, stress-free weight loss program? A program based on the latest research in nutrition. And a program customized to your body, your health, and your lifestyle instead of the cheap, gimmicky, diet-of-the-month plans that make you figure everything out on your own…

It could change your life, right? Well, get ready to hear about a program unlike any other. We’ve helped 1,000s of people like you lose weight, take inches off their waist-line, and get long-lasting energy throughout their day. After helping working professionals, stay at home parents, athletes, and as the official weight loss providers for the Professional Football Alumni Association, we guarantee it’ll work for you.

Designed and Supervised by Dr. Jason Olafsson

Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Olafsson (DC), founder of the Custom Health Centers and the Custom Weight Loss Program. I want to ask you 2 questions - although you may not want to answer…

Does your weight hold you back, like you’re a prisoner in your own body, and keep you from enjoying life?

Is it preventing you from being the person you know you can and should be?

They’re tough questions, I know. But in 2010 I could no longer ignore what I saw in the mirror. My weight was taking over my life.

Like most people who carry these extra pounds, I was at risk for all the health problems that came along with it - like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and diabetes. Not to mention:

  • check
    ​Aching joints and back pain.
  • check
    ​Trying to hide the huffing and puffing, just from going up a flight of steps.
  • check
    ​And craving snacks, sugar, and caffeine just to have enough energy to get through the day.

Disappointed, Discouraged, And Depressed

There were also other issues I didn’t really want to talk about...

Like how I felt as a person. What kind of example was I setting for my family? I was slowly losing confidence in myself and it was affecting my work, my family, and my relationships. And you know what? The idea of hiding from the world... sounded pretty good at times.

But, if we wait and hide too long, our lives get controlled by expensive doctor visits, gulping down handfuls of pills everyday, wearing clothes that don’t fit right, and dealing with years of judgement - from ourselves and others.

As a man of Faith, a doctor, and a father, inside I felt kind of embarrassed…

If You’ve Hit Rock Bottom - Good. It’s Time To Find Your ‘Why’

When I stepped on the scale, I couldn't believe what I saw. I was at a crossroads in life and realized there was a choice to make....

If I didn’t do something about this weight, I may not be around to see my children graduate high school, dance at their wedding, or hold a newborn grandchild.

Your situation may be a little different. Maybe your weight is holding you back from a better job. Or keeping you from getting the courage to meet the right person. Or maybe you just feel yucky about yourself.

Eventually, we have to do something about it, or it gets worse and worse. When I realized it was time to make a change, I did what most of us do - I tried to exercise more, eat less, and follow the advice in all the magazines, celebrity workouts, and the popular diet-of-the-month plans. Maybe you’re familiar with some of the common ‘weight loss’ methods like:

  • check
    ​Trying to keep track of a point system to see what you can and can’t eat
  • check
    ​Going for a run and convincing yourself not to give up - after just 5 minutes!
  • check
    ​Following a strict diet that takes all weekend to prepare and leaves you starving, irritable, and light-headed all day
  • check
    ​Trying to lift weights, use machines, or run on that dreaded treadmill in a crowded smelly gym 

Following the traditional methods, I barely lost any weight, especially compared to how hard I worked. Maybe you’ve gone through this too. When you take a break from these unrealistic programs, the weight comes right back (and sometimes even more weight than when you started).

When Typical Diet and Exercise Programs Don’t Work, Who Do We Turn To?

I was fed up and determined to figure this out. As a doctor, I had direct access to find the truth behind why weight loss was so difficult. I attended seminars, read medical texts, and studied the latest research in nutrition science. I began experimenting and putting plans together. And I found out there are customizable tips, tricks, and strategies to help with:

A mindset that won’t give in to temptation

Knowing the best foods for energy, fat burning, and resetting your health

Quick and convenient customized workouts that anyone can do regardless of their limitations

After implementing what I learned, in just a couple months, I lost over 55 pounds and I’ve kept it off for over 7 years. I’ve since put these same strategies and tips into a completely customizable system called the Custom Weight Loss Program.

And in the last 7 years, we’ve helped 1,000s of people lose over 100,000 pounds. So there’s no doubt, this is a proven system that works, and it can be tailored to your unique needs.

We’re so confident we even guarantee it!

Your 1-On-1 Coach That Cares About You + State-Of-The-Art Technology + The Latest Research = Your Guaranteed Results

Eddie Murray, retired professional football player in Detroit and Dallas, sums up the the Custom Health Centers approach when he said, “I've always been impressed with Doctor Jason, he doesn't sit on his program or his laurels or what he's doing. He's always trying to fine tune the program.”

“Custom Weight Loss Centers has helped numerous former professional athletes lose weight and get healthy”

Other weight loss programs are telling you what you want to hear. But you won’t see those cookie-cutter programs give you a 1-on-1 coach to guide you to your ideal size and weight like we do. Our highly trained staff is always on your side.

Individual results may vary. Expect to lose 2-3 lbs per week. Please call us at 844-789-8446 for details on our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve partnered with Fitbit’s software and built you an instant-access online portal to do everything from the comfort of your home (Although, in as little as 1 week, you might want to go out and show off the new you).

This online portal tracks your progress for you. It shows how much you’ve lost. It can even see if you’ve plateaued and alert your coach if you’re stuck. There’s never been an all-in-1 system with personalized support and accountability built in like this one.

24/7 Support!

You’ve probably felt alone trying to lose weight before. Or you’ve wanted to quit and give up because it seemed too difficult. Not here. You can reach out for support 24/7 by either contacting your coach, the phone hotline, or the ‘HELP’ feature in the online portal. We’re here for YOU.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of ‘The New You’

No one should feel like being overweight is “who you are.” And everyone deserves to look and feel good about themselves when they walk by a mirror. Or go out in public. Or see themselves in their social media feed and in photos.

And that’s why we’re here. To hear about your goals. To hear how things will be different when you get your life back. And then take control of your future. And we’ll show you how to get there.

But not everyone is a good fit for the Custom Weight Loss Program. Some people aren’t serious about changing their life and they’re looking for a ‘miracle pill.’ They aren’t willing to do anything different. But because you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably one of the serious ones.

So, if you’re ready, and you want a program that’s customized for your busy days, hectic lifestyle, and unique health needs, then today is your day (because the ‘tomorrow excuse’ never comes). *

Individual results may vary. Expect to lose 2-3 lbs per week. Please call us at 844-789-8446 for details on our Satisfaction Guarantee

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Jennifer’s weight loss journey was life changing. See for yourself:

“Before going I had a lot of problems with my weight because I had a thyroid issue, and... it causes a lot of problems, and you gain weight… I was very skeptical of trying anything 'cause I'm like, "It's not gonna work." And when I was talking to them, they actually made sense that they can work with your body…”

After the program we asked Jennifer what she would tell someone who was in her shoes, feeling a little skeptical but also interested:

I would have to tell them that they really should try the program because it's a life changer. It's a total game changer. I feel 110% better than what I did five months ago. Five months ago, I was not happy, I was disgusted, I just felt gross, today I feel amazingly happy. It's like I have a whole new life and it will make you feel so much better by going and doing the program and just changing your whole life. To top it all off, even though I'm off the program, I can still go back there and if I need help on anything, they're willing to still help you even though you're off the program.”*

If You Want To Feel 110% Better, Just Like Jennifer, Schedule Your Appointment And Experience A Program Unlike Any Other Weight Loss System You’ve Ever Seen.

*Individual results may vary. Expect to lose 2-3 lbs per week. Please call us at 844-789-8446 for details on our Satisfaction Guarantee